auto bloggerHi!

My name is James Franco.

I am 27.

I live in Kentucky where I work as a technologist.

Like any other man, I cannot imagine my life without cars. They make our life easier and bring so much pleasure.

Speed, drive, and freedom – these are things that each man requires. My hobby is to learn something new about cars. Most of all I am fond of some innovations made by world-famous car companies.

I have even created my blog devoted to these steel wonders where I share my impressions from this or that car. I have read a great number of articles and visited many auto shows. This experience was more than helpful in my blog creation. Now I have several articles devoted to such car models as Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick and many others.


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Today I drive smart. This car is very comfortable and economical. It doesn’t require much space and fuel. But my dream is to buy the Tesla Roadster. I consider this car to be a real miracle in the sphere of automobile production.

Air pollution provokes the greenhouse effect and a great number of respiratory problems. Just imagine the world where cars will have no negative impact on the atmosphere and human health. New cars will be fast, extra-comfortable, luxurious, practical and safe. The Tesla Roadster is the first electric sports car. It means that it can be called “a natural car” because it can take energy from nature.

Nowadays most of the electricity is produced by hydroelectric power stations, fuel-burning power plants, and nuclear power plants. To reduce the possible danger for the ecology, wind and solar energy are used to create electricity in our days.

To my mind, Tesla Motors has started a new era in the world of technology that will change our future for the best. I hope that soon I’ll be able to afford this marvelous and exciting car and will enjoy all its preferences.